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Student Crisis Seminar
In view of the growing number of teen suicides, Zonta Club of Victoria organized a seminar to discuss the issue of student suicide in October 1992. A booklet on the contents of the seminar and discussions was produced and distributed to schools and interested organizations, with a view to helping indentify crisis situations and offering counseling services when needed. Today, the booklet is still available in the libraries of the Social Welfare Department and Education Department as reference material.

The Zonta Club of Victoria Bursary
Set up in 1994 for the local universities and education institutes in Hong Kong, The Zonta Club of Victoria Bursary supports disabled students and new immigrants students with financial needs. At present, recipients of our bursuries include studnets at the Chinese Univrsity of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, IVE, Lingnam College, Open University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong anf University of Science and Technology.

Education Fund
An Education Fund has been set aside since 2000 to help the needy children and their families in the purchase of text books and school uniforms. We also regularly distribute toys, books, videos and other gifts to children in need.

Little Eyes, Little Ears
Our Club partnered with Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to undertake the “Little Eyes, Little Ears” project which focused on helping children who are subject to domestic violence and parents who may have the potential to apply domestic violence to their families. The project started in November 2009 and will run for two years.

The core programme of the project includes raising public awareness of the importance of a harmonious home through stamp and postcard design, chess game, website publicity, survey, and brochure. The programme is designed to help children who may be exposed to the danger of home violence by enhancing their ability to handle the situation through play therapy. It also aimed at helping parents to refrain themselves from using violence towards children and to rebuild family bonding through workshops and family outings.

President Susan Yu and members Paula Ho, Elena Lai attended the “Little Eyes Little Ears – Peaceful Parent Project” kick off ceremony cum Carnival on 16 May 2010. Picture on the right shows a set of winning stamp designs which were subsequently published as mailing stamps by the Post Office.

Voice Up” 「聲動起來」
“Voice Up” is the pilot project between Zonta Club of Victoria and Home Care for Girls held in the summer of 2013. With speech and drama training as the medium, it aims to give a voice to the home stay girls by enhancing their presentation and communication skills and boosting their self-esteem and confidence. With speech specialist Eva Lau as their coach, the girls, most of them coming from broken families and some having suffered from domestic abuse, were encouraged to tell the story of their past through a dramatized performance. During preparation, some members had to overcome their fears and feelings of insecurity, but they were able to offer each other mutual support. On the day of the finale performance in August 2013, these girls witnessed how their stories touched the hearts of the audience and realized that they, too, have the power to encourage people.

“Dream Action” 「夢想成真大行動」
With the success of “Voice Up”, Zonta Club of Victoria decided to support a second project of Home Care for Girls – “Dream Action”, this time co-sponsored with Zonta Club of Hong Kong II as one of the six projects under the Joint Zonta Club Campaign of “Zonta Says No”. This one-year project which commenced in March 2014 aims to encourage the home stay girls to put their dreams into action despite their traumatized past. Practical training will be provided to assist them to set and execute their goals. As well, they will be matched with personal life coaches, who are professional women volunteers, to support them along the way in search of their dreams.
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